Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine Clinic

Our Sports Medicine clinic offers a wide range of treatments and management programs for injuries and chronic conditions often associated with sports activity.

We can provide ultrasound and injection treatments for many muscular skeletal problems, joint inflammation, carpal tunnel, heal pain and torn ligaments.

Joint inflammation

Joints can become inflamed when fluid accumulates in the soft tissues that surround and protect the joint. This can cause pain and stiffness in the joint – most commonly in the fingers, thumb, knees and ankles. It can also lead to reduced mobility and joint swelling, which can make the joint appear irregularly shaped.

Joint swelling or inflammation can indicate a chronic condition, such as osteoarthritis, or be caused by an injury such as a dislocation or trauma.

The condition of inflamed joints can develop gradually but it is important to get treatment as early as possible to lessen the likelihood of long term damage.

Torn ligaments

One or more ligaments can be strained or torn when a joint is stressed beyond its normal range of motion.

Torn ligaments are often the result of falling or twisting awkwardly. This is especially true for the knee and ankles.

Torn ligaments are graded by severity and treated accordingly, with each grade requiring a different approach.

Common symptoms include:

  • Sudden pain and severe swelling
  • Joint instability or weakness
  • Reduced mobility